We are an authorized agent of Goka Hamono Seisakusho, which manufactures Kanto Gyuto, a traditional Japanese knife designated as a traditional craft by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and by Chiba Prefecture.

We recommend Japanese handmade products to people all over the world, mainly through internet sales. We also regularly hold workshops for both domestic and foreign audiences in order to share with the world the beauty of Japanese traditional crafts and the advanced traditional techniques of Japanese craftsmen.

By listening to the history of traditional craftsmanship, traditional techniques, materials, etc., and by touching and experiencing them firsthand, our mission is to convey the strong commitment and firm belief of the craftsmen to each and every item, so that all of our customers can truly feel the excellence of Japanese craftsmanship.

Company name
October 1, 2008
Yoshito Yamakawa
3-5-8, Minamisakasai, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba
Business Description
Wholesale and import/export of cutlery, miscellaneous goods, ornaments, artwork, etc., both domestically and internationally, and management of events and hands-on classes related to traditional crafts.
Tobu Urban Park Line Takayanagi Station 20 min. walk